I am done with my toxic girlfriend and find happiness with a Lewisham Escort.



I did not expect that our relationship will turn into something toxic. I always look forward to the day that our relationship started that it will come out to be beautiful and full of love. But I was wrong, and it made me realize that if I don’t end up our relationship now, both of us will put ourselves to risk. I love her, and that is why I have to let her go to know her mistakes and change her life. It is the only way that she can realize how manipulative she is and controlling.


Stella is a beautiful woman, and indeed I am in love with her. She is the only person I love, and I do not want to lose her. My love for her is enormous, and that is why we reach ten years together. In our relationship, she is the boss, and everything she says will always be followed. I am afraid to argue with her because she will get still topic to break up, and I don’t want it. I got a hard time courting Stella; perhaps it took me nine months if I am not mistaken. I patiently wait for her, yes to be mine and become her official boyfriend. I know that many men chased her because of her attractive look, and a good dancer. In our school, Stella is fame because not she is just pretty, but she hit the dance floor. I am a fan of her and heard she has been with guys that are good looking, has big muscles, wealthy and famous too. Well, I am just a good looking but poor. Many people call me I am handsome and sometimes forced to join a beauty contest for men. But since I am a shy type, I am not fond of it. Before my only goal is to finish the study and study hard. Until I met Stella, when she came, she became my goal. I am going crazy with her, and I cannot go a day without thinking of her. She is the only person that made me feel this way, and very grateful that she has given me a chance to court with her. I know she had known me since I am the chairman of the journalism club. And sometimes, all chairmen in different clubs will have a meeting, and we inevitably cross our paths. I added her on Facebook, and thankfully she accepted it. And that is the start of everything, I message her first, and she responded. And it continues like that for months, and then I confessed to her. Eventually, we became a couple.


Our relationship was not bad at all, but sometimes she makes me look useless in the relationship. All my ideas and suggestions were not recognized, and everything is on her. I am done with her, and my patience is gone, I broke up with her even it pained me. I have to be strong or else we will both not grow. But still it is not easy at all, I book a Lewisham escort fromĀ https://charlotteaction.org/lewisham-escorts as someone recommended to me. Lewisham escorts made me happy when I was so down in life. I am done with my toxic girlfriend and find happiness with a Lewisham Escort

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