Stop wasting your energy with wrong people, book a South London Escorts and be happy.

Sometimes we are fooled enough to trust people around us, we think they are better than us, and we choose to stay with them. We always depend on them like we don’t know how to deal with our own, we let them use us and break us apart. We allow them to take advantage of our love. Giving these people credits to tear us into pieces is foolishness, we will enable them to lower ourselves and kneel before them. Because of love, we look so stupid, and many of us are guilty of it.


Love control us, even the craziest shit we do in order to be love. And it’s painful; we hold on to someone who doesn’t love us anymore. We have to remind yourself that nothing is permanent slowly, we have to strengthen our heart of the possible things that might happen. Being broken is painful, we have to make sure that in the end, we don’t look funny. I believe that forcing yourself to someone might lose her/his respect to you. As well as to yourself, you lower your pride to the point that you lose your dignity as a person. Don’t let yourself to come into that point; you are a human and every one of us is fair. You have to care for yourself, always know your worth because it is hard when you don’t know who are you anymore.


Keeping a toxic person in your life is a waste of time. They will keep reminding you that you are trash. You stop believing in yourself; you will be depressed and start to have anxiety. You always think about what you have gone wrong, why he/she is that hard to you? Perhaps because you always force things to happen, you don’t accept betrayal nor failure. Because of love, you lower your standards, but in time you’ll realize that you gave too much to people who don’t even deserve you.


Sadness filled our heart when we broke up to our love, its painful. We don’t know how to start life again and make things right. It’s crazy how we fix ourselves after we fall. Looking for a perfect companion in those days can be a great help. Just like what I did, I need someone that can make me forget what I go through. Traveling is a good choice, going out to the city you used to be will help you forget. I book a South London Escorts from to make me feel better, and they did a great job. Being with them made me realize that its okay to be alone and create memories again. Because of them, I realize that quitting a toxic relationship was the best decision I made.

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