How to say no politely

I don’t know what it is, but so many men that I meet think I should get turned on by them just because I work for a London escorts service. Sure, dating men is fun, and I love to have a good time at work, but that does not mean that I get turned on by every man that I meet at London escorts.

It applies to my private life as well and I do turn men away. One thing that I have realised during my time with charlotte action escorts is that men are hyper sensitive. Many of the men that I meet think that I am passing a personal comment when I turn them down. That is not the case at all. It is a matter of them not turning me on enough to make me want to sleep with them. But of course, like us girls at London escorts have come to realise, it is important to turn down a man in the right sort of way. You can’t just turn around and say to a guy that he is not sexy.

Most of the time I give out plenty of compliments at charlotte action escorts and I try to do the same thing in my private life. I try to do this even though I do find a man revolting and don’t want to sleep with him. For instance I might say to him that I am too busy with my London escorts career to engage in a relationship with him. That spares his feelings.It is all about letting a man down gently. The other thing I often say is that I need to spend time with my family. There is no way that you would be able to argue with that, and in general, I think that it is a tactic used by many girls at London escorts. We do get asked out on a lot of personal dates. That is a lot of fun, but I would not go down that route. Once a gent has started to use London escorts, I prefer to date him at London escorts. Getting personally involved with dates may not work out.

Some girls at London escorts have done that thinking that they would be able to still keep a professional distance. Sadly, that is something which is next to impossible, and it is something which most experienced escorts in London know. There are some men out there who are totally revolting. It makes you wonder how they managed to get involved in relationships in the first place, I have met a lot of men at London escorts and in private life, who could sincerely benefit from a few lessons in personal hygiene. It is not easy, but you do have to be polite. I don’t think that you would do yourself any favors if you told a man that he is disgusting, so they are words than you will never hear pass in between these red and luscious lips of mine.

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