I will accept a West Midland escort’s decision to break up with me.

I now I can’t turn back the time. All my hopes and dreams were crushed the moment that my girlfriend told me that she is ready to move on with her life without me. I know that I was unable to spend enough time with her to make her happy and I regret all that now. I just hope that I can require our relationship and bring it back to normal again. There are so many individuals that had shown a lot of strength during breakup but I am sure that I am not one of those people.
I am not ready to give up on our relationship at all. I love to have a second chance with her but for the moment it seems impossible. I know that I can still save my relationship with my girlfriend. I just have to stay positive and hope for the best. I want to achieve a lot in my life with re woman I love. My girlfriend is a beautiful West Midland escort. I know that this West Midland escort have sacrificed a lot for me and our relationship. Now that she is frustrated with me she told me that she was ready to move on with her life. I am not pleased with her decision at all.
I know that we can still have a lot of accomplishments together. I want to be happy with this West Midland escort and I do everything in my power to fix my relationship with her. The truth is that this West Midland escort is the only person that loves me truthfully. I am still not prepared of the things that she might do to me. I do not want to believe that she would even consider breaking up with me. This West Midland escort is a very beautiful woman and I doubt I could ever see another woman life her.
I know that things had been extremely shaky between us but I can still repair what we have together; I just have to be strong and do not give up on what he since. I know that this West Midland escort can forgive me in the future. I just have to be patient and believe in myself. I know that I can still be of great help in this West Midland escorts life. She will be in my heart all the time if she ever decides that it’s time for her to move on.
I will not force her to be with me at all. I love her too much for me to do that kind of things. She is a woman who makes a lot of people happy besides me. If she thinks that her life can improve without me in it then I can accept that. I want to believe in myself and the things I want to do in life. But even though it will surely hurt if this West Midland escort will choose not to be with me anymore I will accept it and try to deal with it because love her.

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